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How do you assess if a tenant’s repair/maintenance issue is actually a real issue before calling someone out to look at it?

Each request is immediately vetted by our dedicated operations team. Before being approved for repair it is assessed in 2 parts:

  1. To ensure it really is an issue
  2. To check the issue is the responsibility of the landlord or the Strata.Under the existing property management model, an electrician (as an example) might be called out if a light doesn’t work. Under the yabonza model, the tenant is asked a number of questions to check that there really is an issue and the fault isn’t simply a tripped circuit. This thorough approach ensures the issue is resolved quickly with the tenant and they are kept happy and means that there are no unnecessary costs. Landlords will have full transparency on issues management and will be able to see the flow of an issue from the time its first raised until it is resolved.

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