SERVICE Traditional Local Agent Online/Web based Property Management YabonzaYabonza
Property Management
(including Leasing / Routine Inspections / OFI, Maintenance, Rent Collection)
Service Areas Local Only Local/State Only National + UK
Management Fee 5% - 11% plus GST
plus costs
$80 - $100 per month
plus GST plus costs
3.9% incl GST
Leasing Fee 1 to 2 weeks rent Approx. $500 1 weeks rent
Leasing Marketing $250 Approx. $500 Included
One Asset Manager (regardless of location or size of portfolio)
A team of experts working on your account (Repairs and Maintenance, Leasing, Onboarding, Accounts)
24/7 Landlord Access
24/7 Tenant Access
Annual Portfolio Performance Review
Immediate Rent (zero Trust Accounting Risk)
Cash Savings on Bank Interest $$
Direct Access for Accountant to prepare Tax Refunds
Average Total Cost PER ANNUM $ $2050 - $3610 plus GST
plus costs
$1960 - $2200 plus GST
plus costs
$1514 incl GST