How we work

We are a team of banking, technology and property service professionals who wanted to do property management right.

How your rent is paid

Unlike traditional property managers, yabonza proactively manages the collection of your rent monies. Tenants pay rent with a Direct Debit straight into your account, so you have access to your money sooner.

We understand the importance of timely payments so, the Yabonza application sends upcoming rental and arrears notifications to tenants, landlords and our team here in the office. Not to mention plus your dedicated Asset Manager is on hand to liaise directly with the tenants should the need arise.

How your rent is paid
How we select tenants

How we select tenants

Finding the right tenant is one of the most important things for a property
investments health and profitability. Yabonza Smart Property Management takes this duty of care very seriously, so we have created a full tenant scorecard to secure the best possible tenants for you.

We conduct financial affordability screening (Income verification, 12-month financial history), Identity verification (100-point check), and credit referencing alongside a thorough rental history check (Property inspection and condition report history, arrears checking, tenancy database check.)

Repairs and Maintenance

yabonza’s intuitive property management application allows for complete, real-time visibility of all repairs and maintenance requests raised by your tenants. Best of all we work quickly to find qualified service providers who are nearby, available and ready to work. Next, we liaise with you to make sure you’re happy with the selection.

What’s more If you have specific tradespeople that you like to work with, we can add them to our network and mark them as the preferred responder of that trade type for your property.

We know property management better than anybody and understand that not all repairs require professional trades! We make sure to troubleshoot the issues with your tenants so that you don’t pay for simple things like changing a lightbulb.

Repairs and maintenance
Routine Inspections

Routine Inspections, Open Homes and what to expect

As a valued Yabonza customer you receive full service residential property management across Australia. This includes a dedicated point of contact across your portfolio, two annual routine inspections (additional routines can be added), ingoing condition reports for every new lease, outgoing property condition reports, a For Lease sign at the property, advertising on all national property sites (,, and gumtree), and the direct payment of utility and council bills.

How and when we communicate with landlords

We’ve built the yabonza platform to give you an interactive real-time view of your property portfolio on any device (mobile, tablet or desktop) at any time, plus we’ll pair you up with a dedicated Asset Manager focused on driving the performance of your property investments.

We combine smart technology with high performing people so we can communicate with you on your terms. Don’t want to speak to anyone? Great! You don’t have to just check your dashboard or keep an eye on notifications to stay up to date. Want to chat with your Asset Manager every day? Awesome we can do that too! Outside of the platform landlords have a dedicated asset manager who they can speak to at any time.

How and when we communicate with landlords