1. Where are you located? How can you look after my property if you’re in a different state?

Yabonza has local property experts to look after your property inspection reports and open for inspections. Our networked group of partners are our eyes and ears on the ground.

2. Will I need to speak to my existing agent to cancel my agreement with them?

Yabonza make it easy to switch agents. You will not need to speak with your existing agent, we do all of that on your behalf.

3. How do you notify my tenants? What impact does it have on them?

The impact of switching to yabonza on your tenants is minimal. We will contact your tenants and let them know who we are and communicate to them how to pay rent, raise maintainence issues and who to contact should they have any other problems.

4. How do you assess if a tenant’s repair/maintenance issue is actually a real issue before calling someone out to look at it?

Each request is immediately vetted by our dedicated operations team. Before being approved for repair it is assessed in 2 parts:

  1. To ensure it really is an issue
  2. To check the issue is the responsibility of the landlord or the Strata.Under the existing property management model, an electrician (as an example) might be called out if a light doesn’t work. Under the yabonza model, the tenant is asked a number of questions to check that there really is an issue and the fault isn’t simply a tripped circuit. This thorough approach ensures the issue is resolved quickly with the tenant and they are kept happy and means that there are no unnecessary costs. Landlords will have full transparency on issues management and will be able to see the flow of an issue from the time its first raised until it is resolved.

5. Can you get a quote before someone comes out to fix an issue?

The Landlord can set a float amount. If the job is under the float amount then a quote will not be provided and the work will be completed. Any maintenance request within those limits will be approved by the Asset Manager and actioned. Any work required over those limits will require a quote and approval from the Landlord.

6. Do I get a dedicated property manager that knows me and my property?

At yabonza we pride ourselves on customer service and putting the customer first. You will have your own dedicated yabonza asset manager (YAM) helping you to get the most out of your investment. They will know your property inside and out and will always be contactable.

7. Will ringing the 1300 number go to a call centre or will the person answering the phone be able to help me?

When you call our call centre you will speak to a real person, located in Australia. All our staff are certified real estate professionals, so will be able to help with your request whether it be technical in nature or property related.

8. How can you only charge 3.9%?

Technology and our centralised operations team has allowed us to streamline a number of processes that mean we can pass the savings on. We don’t have localised office expenses and this leaves us free to focus on customer service and adding value to your property.

9. How do I switch to yabonza?

That’s easy! Complete our registration form and yabonza will do the rest! We will contact your existing agent and organise the collection of your keys and property documents. Then we will contact your tenants to let them know that yabonza will be managing the property going forward. Don’t worry, there will be no impact on your tenants! The only change being the updated bank details to yabonza and the change of contact details for any maintenance queries.

10. How do you do Property Condition Reports and Open for Inspections?

We have a team of licensed local property experts who conduct these and know the local area.

11. How do you find Tenants?

Yabonza advertise on all of the major portals including domain.com.aurealestate.com.au and rent.com.au in addition to social media. This is all included in your letting fee with no more to pay.  We also use other channels such as Social media and our database that is ever growing!

12. What additional costs are there?

The only additional costs are for Tribunal hearings, additional photography, premium advertising and marketing materials if requested, smoke alarm testing (complying with legislative requirements) and any insurance required for the property.

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