Mark H from Melbourne, invests in the Australian property market to build his wealth.

Mark maximises his property portfolio combining Yabonza Smart Dashboard and experiences of Yabonza's combined team and network.

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Full Transparency

Full Transparency

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Simplifying Property
Time Saved

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Lower management
fee 3.9%
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Mark is your everyday Australian investing in the property market to generate wealth.

Personal Situation

For most, investing in property can be a daunting task. Many don’t seek professional advice or have experienced partners. The ones who are a step ahead don’t have full visibility of their properties, expenditure reports and disbursement records.

Mark needed a solution and a partner he can rely on so he can get ahead of his property investments.

Yabonza simplify's Mark's property investments

With the help of Yabonza, Mark has an experienced partner to manage his investment properties. The difference now are the use of smart property technology; real-time updates and visibility of his portfolio, real-time disbursements from tenants and a team to help Mark with any issues & maintenance.


With Yabonza’s comprehensive property management services, Mark has more confidence with his property investments after seeing success with Yabonza :

  • 360 degree visibility on all his investment properties
  • Time saved simplifying property management
  • Lower management fee 3.9%
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Why Mark Loves Yabonza?

“I needed a solution to my property portfolios – I had difficult agents in the past who also charged a high rate. With Yabonza, they’ve simplified my property management and I couldn’t be happier – I have also recommended my friends to them.”

Mark H (Melbourne).